Years No. of Contracts Location
1993-1994 1 Presidio of Monterey
1994 - Now 10 MCB Camp Pendleton, California
1998 – 2008 3 Goodfellow AFB, Texas
2001 – 2005 1 Eielson AFB, Alaska
2003 – 2008 1 Seal Beach NWS, California
2004 – 2009 6 Hurlburt Field, Florida
2007 – 2008 1 Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona
2006 – 2010 1 San Diego Regional
(including MCB Camp Pendleton, Fallbrook NWS, and Seal Beach NWS)
2012 – 2014 1 Fort Campbell, Kentucky
2015 - Now 1 Eielson AFB, Alaska

Grounds maintenance at Eielson AFB and outlying areas to include mowing/trimming and edging of 424 acres of prestige/improved grounds 40 times in a five month period (May through September); mow, trim and edge vacant housing units (approx 150 per week); mowing/trimming and edging of semi-improved grounds (55 acres) on a weekly basis; mow and trim power line right-of-way (36 acres) once per year in April; security fence maintenance (19 acres) once in July; mow and fertilize air field BASH areas (706 acres) in September; maintain airfield lighting/nav-aids, approach lights, airfield pavements (5 times per year); fertilize improved/semi-improved grounds; herbicide improved grounds/fence line/crack grass; tree pruning/transplanting/planting/removal; irrigation of 50 acres of lawns with water hose; install new lawns; repair damaged turf; maintain flowerbeds; top soil spreading.

Mowing of 357 acres of improved/semi-improved grounds twice every 10 days during the growing season; edging, trimming and debris removal during each mowing; weed control, irrigation and irrigation maintenance; maintain athletic fields and parade fields; maintain plant beds and volleyball courts; tree pruning and tree/stump removal; mowing of unimproved grounds; special events services (72 acres); leaf removal, aeration and fertilization.

Mowed 25,992 acres annually at Hurlburt Field, Florida. Bed Maintenance/weed control on 9,473,656 sf. Edged 19,435,632 lf. Irrigated 271 acres (190 systems) est.

Furnished all labor, materials, equipment, transportation, facilities and supervision to perform grounds maintenance to include grass cutting, edging, trimming, debris removal, weed control (chemical/manual), gopher control, fertilization, lawn renovation, tree and shrub pruning, irrigation and irrigation systems maintenance, aeration, parking lot cleaning and storm drainage system maintenance at Camp Pendleton, CA. Approximately 210 acres of housing areas at Camp Pendleton under multiple contracts for ten years. Naval Hospital, Ranch House, Commissary, Housing Office, AVTB, WACO, USARC, ACU5, Earthen Ditch, Storm Water Pump Station, ROICC, MCAS, Fleet Hospital, 1MEF, 1160 & 1161, Farmers Field, Roadsides, Ponds, Gooseneck Lake, Sierra Training Grounds, Corona, and more. Approximately 1,553 acres of level one and two mowing at Fallbrook NWS and 256 acres of roadsides and magazine mowing, Fence line clearing. Approximately 1500 acres at Seal Beach NWS.